About us

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World Stickers was founded in 1977 by Klaus and Harriet Hollert from Sweden. The company is still a fully family run and owned business. We take great pride in having long lasting and rewarding relations with both our customers and suppliers


World Stickers revolutionised the market back in 1977 by being the first company to produce automobile dog stickers in colour. Over the years the original sticker product has increased in both amount of motifs and available sizes. We currently have the largest assortment of motifs on the market, including dogs, cats, horses, birds, wild animals and more.

As can be seen on our product page the assortment also includes a large variation of guard signs, keyrings, transfers, sew on emblems, postcardsgreetingcards and much more. World Stickers offers the full range of products for the modern pet market.

Our vision of business is as easy to understand as it is important:

– we manufacture and sell high quality products to competitive prices for petowners all over the world –

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Enjoy our products !


Klaus Hollert
CEO World Stickers Sweden AB