Display materials

World Stickers whole product assortment comes with a wide variety of different solutions for how to display the products in retail stores.

Original World Stickers products

stickersstall          Displaymapp medium  högkval             Displaymapp small högkval            dekalstall_2

Floordisplay with                    Complete set of 5             Complete set of 5              Individual display
wheels for all sizes                 medium display                small display                      pocket medium 
stickers                                     pockets with mount         pockets with mount 

dekalstall_1                    wallhanger       reorder              

Individual display                  Individual wall                     Re-ordering tag 
pockets small                         mounting
with mount

Keyring classic / multicolour

Nyckelringstall-silver    Nyckelringstall_svart_litet     Nyckelringstall-svart     nyckelringar     nyckeringsstall2

The keyring display stands are the same for the Classic and Multicolour keyring. We have stands in sizes from 12 hooks up to 50 hooks, depending on the stores capacity and size of assortment. All stands come with a top sign clearly indicating the product information and product EAN code.

Signs and misc stickers products

99970_golvstall_skyltar2                99971_stort_vagstall                   99972_litet_vaggstall                     displayboxar

Floor display              5 pocket wall           7 pocket wall                         Misc stickers boxes
for signs                     display                      display

multicolour Pet Products


Display rack for mini stickers
and mini magnets

Sew on emblems


Display rack for
sew on emblems

Card products


Floor display
for post cards