Here you can download up to date relevant material, such as lists of motifs and orderlists:

General List of motifs   Adobe-PDF-Logo  

A 4 page PDF catalogue with all our motifs in numerical order. Quality isdownloads
suited for printing in A3 format

Original World Stickers motifs with size availability   Adobe-PDF-Logo  

A comprehensive 33 page PDF file (A4) with out entire Original World Stickersdownloads
assortment in numerical order that shows available sizes for each sticker.

EAN code summary Adobe-PDF-Logo

Original World Stickers (small / medium / large / XL) downloads

Bluepack stickers (small / medium)downloads

Postcards and Greeting cardsdownloads

Multicolour Pet Products (stickers / keyrings / magnets)downloads

Orderlist 1 Excel-icon    

Stickers small / medium / large / XL and classic keyrings.numerisk_overalfabetisk_over

Orderlist 2 Excel-icon 

Guard signs. numerisk_over    

Orderlist 3Excel-icon       

Transfers small / medium / large / XL and sew emblems.numerisk_overalfabetisk_over

Orderlist 4  Excel-icon        

Postcards and greeting cardsnumerisk_overalfabetisk_over

Orderlist 5   Excel-icon       

Multicolor stickers / magnets / keyrings and sew emblemnumerisk_overalfabetisk_over

Orderlist 6  Excel-icon        Adobe-PDF-Logo

Display materialnumerisk_over

World Stickers catalogueAdobe-PDF-Logo

Our latest product catalogue 2014downloads